Tetronimia: That game of falling blocky thingies for your terminal in Nim

zoom - 2 years ago (last modified 2 years ago)

Tetronimia[0] is an implementation of a famous game mechanic for you terminal written in Nim.

It's a version of that game we all know and have (or had at some stage in our lives) some kind of love-hate relationship with.

Tetronimia is written in Nim[1] language, works in your terminal (including Windows cmd.exe), has colors and a bunch of options, including `gameseed` for competitive replay and uses a variation of Vim keycodes for controls as a default (with other mappings, such as WASD or Emacs available). The official guidelines for the original game are surprisingly dense, so Tetronimia doesn't implement them fully, but takes heavy inspiration from the classic versions.

The repo[0] contains a condensed Readme which lacks any specifics about the Nim code. For those, there's a slightly dated announcement blogpost at [2].

Source code and binaries for GNU/Linux and Windows are available at the repo[0], users of Arch-based distros can also install it from AUR.

Thank you for your time and have fun.

0. https://github.com/indiscipline/tetronimia
1. https://nim-lang.org
2. https://indiscipline.github.io/post/tetronimia/
3. Nim forums thread: https://forum.nim-lang.org/t/8080