Norost B - Object-oriented operating system

demindiro - 2 years ago (last modified 2 years ago)

Norost B is an object-oriented OS built around a microkernel. It is mainly focused on isolating processes from the rest of the system to improve security, portability & scaling.

Specifically, there is no global filesystem, network interface ... Instead, processes interact with the outside world entirely through handles. This makes sandboxing simple: If a process has a handle to something, it can interact with it. Otherwise it is out of reach.

It's still very WIP. While it can be used to e.g. host a website I don't recommend using it yet for anything that is security-sensitive[1] or needs high reliability.

- Website:
- Repository:

[1] Quite ironic, I know

user24 - 2 years ago | thread

Is it meant as a general purpose operating system?

ferezo - 2 years ago | thread

For fun I like to look at hobbyist operating systems and I have to say I liked this one quite much.

Worked in last time I tried it. didn't work (but it its still in alpha stages of development or something). Probably due to the lack of q35 chipset support.