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subtract-smiles - 2 years ago (last modified 2 years ago)

Live: https://what-to-code.com

Source: https://github.com/bykof/what-to-code

-- from the about page:

"What To Code was created during the corona pandemic.

It helps developers to gather ideas for their next coding project.

The software is completely open source and the hosting costs are paid by the maintainer. There will be no ads, no registration, and no tracking in the future. I promise 🤞!

Michael Bykovski (http://bykovski.de) is the creator of this project. Feel free to contact him via the Contact Page.

This page is built with Next.js and FastAPI and ❤️."

jasper - 2 years ago | thread

The Browser History is not working properly. Even though the filters generate a new URL, like:


If you got from https://what-to-code.com/ to https://what-to-code.com/?tag=python, your browser doesn't generate a browser history.

user24 - 2 years ago | thread

Can always depend on AI for ideas: https://thisideadoesnotexist.com/