sHiTMyseLf, a javascript-optional fully transparent web forum system

myusername - 2 years ago

It is a traditional-style forum system with some 21st century features, such as full data transparency and portability, accounts backed by private keys, collective user governance, and many more.

The code is on github, and there is a sample instance at The username and password to enter the test instance are human/human.

cos - 2 years ago (last modified 2 years ago) | thread

Repo for the curious:

rtnf - 2 years ago | thread

What a domain name, i thought you were joking

rtnf - 2 years ago (last modified 2 years ago) | thread parent

Why i cant see my own post on the feed?

myusername - 2 years ago | thread parent

There are still some caching issues to work out, but rest assured it is stored and should appear soon.

myusername - 2 years ago | thread

It should be compatible with most major browsers which support HTTP/1.1, starting with Netscape, IE, and Opera, text-mode browsers such as Lynx, Links, and w3m, modern browsers such as Camino and SeaMonkey, post-modern browsers like mainline Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Most mobile devices are also supported, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS, Windows Mobile, and webOS.